Most roof damage is fairly obvious to see, so keep an eye out on the roof. If there are leaks, if you notice yellow or brain stains on the ceiling or wall, if there are shingles missing from the roof, or there is fascia missing, it is time to pick up the phone and give us a call for service. A roofing professional will inspect the roof to determine the extent of damage and the type of repairs needed to reinstate your roof to like-new condition.

Sometimes repairs aren’t enough and a new roof is needed to resolve issues or to prevent them from occurring. Sometimes replacing the roof is just the sensible option to make to save money, time, and hassle. If your roof is 25 years of age or older or if you’re spending heaps of money on repairs each year, it is time to discuss the advantages that a new roof may provide to you.

Many homeowners choose asphalt shingles roofing for their home roof while business owners choose the metal roof more often than others. Asphalt is popular because of its cheap price while businesses like metal because it has a 50+ year lifespan. There is no answer to the best roofing material until you discuss your needs with a roofing expert and learn more about each style of roofing material and the pros and cons that it brings your way.

Some people spend a couple hundred bucks on their roof repair while others spend hundreds of dollars. The average roof replacement costs just over $7,000. The cost of your roofing service varies and depends on the work that needs to be completed, the roofing company chosen for the word, the type of roof that is being used, and a number of additional factors.

The averages asphalt shingles roof has a lifetime of 20 – 25 years while the metal roof has an average lifetime of about 50 years. Other roofing materials offer their own life expectancies as well. The life expectancy you can enjoy with your roof is dependent on many factors. Proper upkeep is among those factors, so make sure to schedule roofing service with Denver Roofing Specialists when it is needed to prevent catastrophe with your roof.