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Are we the cheapest company in town? We cannot promise that but we can promise that we offer fair pricing that’s highly competitive with other roofers in town. We want to keep our costs low because we understand the value of a dollar.

Rest assured our prices won’t disappoint, whether it is a repair that you need or the time has come to replace the entire roof.

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Client Reviews

  • “When my wife said she wanted a metal roof for our business, I was floored. I thought that metal roofs were mere hunks of tin thrown on top of the roof. Once we called Denver Roofing Specialists, I learned how wrong I was. Now, we have a metal roof on our business and I am beyond happy.

    Jim P.
  • “Denver Roofing Specialists went above and beyond to take care of my leaking roof. I was probably not the most pleasant person to work with but they overlooked it and understood my frustrations. Great company hands down.”

    Jessica J.
  • “Denver Roofing Specialists has my vote of recommendation. When my roof collapsed, they rushed to my home, understanding of my obvious panic and worry. I felt assured when speaking to James on the phone. He seemed to know his stuff and have all the right answers.

    Kelly C.

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